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Wellness Consultation Online


Wellness Consultation Online


Why a Wellness Consultation Online? Should you speak with a Health Coach or with your doctor? Your doctor, obviously! (BUT if your doctor can’t solve your problem, a Health Coach might!)

We all need regular medical care, period. There is no substitute for it. With that said:

  • medical doctors are trained to prevent and treat disease, not in how to maintain wellness.
  • our primary care physicians are busy; they don’t have time to investigate the causes of our “minor” health complaints.

Everyday life however is determined by how we feel in the moment and how we feel about ourselves. Whether your wellbeing is diminished by excess weight, or by a vague sense of unwellness, you’re not at your best.

Who will “bother” finding solutions to your problems? The bad news is that the hard to identify causes of unwellness or dissatisfaction with ourselves are often related to lifestyle / choices which are beyond the scope of medicine and this is why a doctor may not be the one to provide us with solutions. The good news is a Health Coach specializes in solving lifestyle-related frustrations. The BETTER news is that the Wellness / Health Coach and author of ebooks available on Green Self Help, now provides Live Wellness Consultations Online!

You don’t have to wait in line. You don’t have to leave your house to see the coach. Book a consultation when you need it. The consultation is up to 30 minutes. There is no long term commitment. You won’t be sold anything. Wellness Consultation Online is affordable, convenient and could significantly improve your life.

That’s how Wellness Consultation Online works:

1/ make a choice of wellness consultation (there are three to choose from) and make payment
2/ reply to a brief questionnaire by email
3/ choose the day and time for the consultation
4/ receive an appointment confirmation and access code
5/ chat with the Health Coach in real time from the comfort of home

This is wellness care as it should be: effective, affordable and convenient! There are no hidden costs and no surprises. You won’t be sold snake oil. Reclaim your wellness: order Wellness Consultation Online with confidence!


30 Minutes Wellness Consultation Online $60


30 Minutes Wellness Consultation Online + 1 Follow Up Email $90


TWO 30 Minutes Wellness Consultations Online + 3 Follow Up Emails $150