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The only bookstore Online selling information on feeling better naturally in form of green books for Instant Download, green books on Memory Sticks and Printed green books.


This is Green Self Help’s Green Bookstore. Why “Green”? All the publications featured provide information on feeling better, naturally: you won’t find recommendations for prescription drugs or surgeries here! Why a “Green Bookstore”? Yes, I am selling a collection of books and guides on green living and green health, but that’s not the only reason for the name. Green Bookstore is the ONLY bookstore Online that sells information in form of green books for Instant Download, green books on Memory Sticks and Printed green books. The first two for obvious reason: to minimize our carbon footprint. The much less popular printed books are intended for readers who – for one reason or another – are uncomfortable with computers.

(To be clear, I sell INFORMATION and / or SOLUTIONS to common problems. The green books and guides are priced to reflect the value of the information they contain, not their length or publishing format.)

As for formats:

  • Green books for Instant Download: once you make payment, you’ll get access to the download, instantly. (Follow directions on the screen. Download the ebook. Go to the folder you saved it in: double-click the green book’s pdf file. Read the ebook!)
  • Green books on Memory Sticks: once you make payment, the memory stick with the green book you purchased will be mailed to you by First Class Mail. Once it arrives, plug the memory stick in your computer’s USB outlet. (Wait a moment for the memory stick to “register” on your computer. Double-click the book’s pdf file. Your green guide will open and you’ll have two options: you can start reading it immediately and use the memory stick every time you won’t to continue reading – or re-reading – the ebook or guide. You can also save the green guide on your computer, so the next time you want to read it, you won’t need to use the memory stick. Either way, the publication will be safe on the flash drive that’s likely to outlive your computer.)
  • Printed green books: all printed green books and guides available on Green Self Help’s Website come in 8.5” x 11” format. Green Self Help isn’t a publishing company; my publications are available as bound manuscripts in presentation folders, unless specified otherwise. All printed publications are shipped by First Class Mail.

In the interest of democracy, all green book formats have the same price. Green books on Memory Sticks and Printed green books come with free shipping.

The current selection of green books and green guides available in the Green Bookstore includes healthy living books, Green Anti Aging, Self Esteem book, guides on natural remedies for specific ailments, and more. Click on the title of your interest to learn more.