In the interest of full disclosure:

The natural remedies’ guides featured on Green Self Help Website don’t list the “top twenty five remedies you should try”. Sturm Enrich’s natural remedies’ guides provide one or two proven solutions that remedy a specific health concern safely, naturally and EFFECTIVELY for most people. (As individuals, we are not identical. There isn’t any one remedy that’s equally effective for all; alternative or conventional.)

The guides are not intended to be literary works. The valuable information you’re seeking isn’t “diluted” to inflate the guide’s volume or to make finding the answer you’re looking for more tedious. The guides don’t seek to impress with their publishing formats. (Learn more about publishing formats on Green Bookstore page)

Pricing? The guides’ prices reflect the value of the information they contain. (Writing a natural remedies’ guide is not as fast and easy as writing fiction!) On average, the cost of a guide AND the natural remedies mentioned within it is under $50! In some cases this natural approach to healing can save you a fortune (for example: kidney stone removal surgery can cost as much as $30,000) in others (fibrocystic breasts, for instance) unnecessary pain or irreversible lifestyle – and life’s quality – changes (as in the case of gallbladder removal surgery).